InternatIonal Online SIlk Needle Lace DesIgn CompetItIon and FestIval

Bursa Merinos Textile Industry Museum, which was opened in 2011, has hosted various and numerous exhibitions in the fields of "Textile Arts", "Textile Design", "Textile Fashion" and "Textile Handcrafts" since 2013. Our museum, which had to take a break from these face-to-face activities during the Covid-19 pandemic, is preparing to appear before you again with the INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SILK NEEDLE LACE DESIGN COMPETITION AND FESTIVAL. 

Laces is one of the most important examples of our traditional culture and handicrafts. Lace; It was born from the combination of flower and knitting art, it was made to decorate and embellish, and it was also used as a communication tool with the messages they carried; It is a type of lace whose technique is knitting. Laces are a handicraft unique to our country and is also known as Turkish Lace around the world. Europe, on the other hand, met needle lace in the 16th century. When the origin was investigated, some knitting names were mentioned in Aegean tales, and in the samples found in Egypt / Memphis excavations in 1905, especially the technique of knitting from fish nets was discovered in BC. It is estimated to date back to 2000 years. Knitting made with needles spread from Anatolia to the Balkans in the 12th century and from there to Europe via Italy. Unfortunately, the values that make up the lace are gradually disappearing. It is extremely important for the lace, which is one of the women's handicrafts, to take its place in our daily life, to transfer this heritage from the past to the next generations and not to disappear in time, in order for our national culture to gain contemporary dimensions without losing its unique qualities.

We are organizing the International Online Silk Needle Lace Design Competition and Festival in order to promote the recognition and protection of the cultural heritage of Turkey, to ensure widespread developed, will provide work in this area with the aim to discover new talent and encourage to produce original works have benefited from tradition. We would like to thank all the participants and our selection committees who will participate in the International Online Silk Needle Lace Design Competition and Festival and will devote their efforts to the recognition and protection of this cultural heritage.

Hope to see you in order to carry this beautiful wealth from the past to the present…